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In this section we collect articles and other contributions in English that we have found around the world and we like – or simply think they might be of interest.

João Aguiar Machado, Chief Negotiator for EU-Mercosur trade negotiations and European Commission Deputy Director General for Trade


The Mercosur-EU bi-regional negotiation is changing. The key to promote the long expected Association Agreement was found on the 49th Presidents’ Summit of Mercosur on December 21, 2015. On that occasion, President Macri defended the reactivation of the Free Trade Agreement with the EU besides a wide interest in the Pacific Alliance. The Summit concluded with the intention of granting greater dynamism under a pragmatic focus rather than an ideological one.

Fonte: Ricardo Stuckert/PR - - CC BY 3.0 br

The human eye has the virtue of perceiving light. That part of the electromagnetic radiation which, due to its nature, irradiates reflects and lightens. Arrogant and present, the light may not be concealed. “No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place…” (Luke 11:33)

¿In what place have we chosen to be during many years at a world level? It is not about potentialities but rather the decisions taken every day. Undoubtedly, ostracism at an international level had become one of them.

Nowadays, the times of the black hole in the storm are left behind. The enormous productive potential is demanding the awakening from the long sleepy stagnation.

The current international insertion strategy of Argentina to the world has become more important in the last days. The adequate place is the Investment and Business Forum. The slogan: offering new investment opportunities. Furthermore, on September 6 the “4th Binational Commission on Trade, Investments and Economic Relations between Chile and Argentina” took place, wherein bilateral trade, access to the market, regulatory frames and the joint development of the oceanic paths were the main issues, in order to enhance the competitiveness of both countries.

La sala del Mercosur

The changes that Argentina is experiencing as of the new government and towards global reintegration furthering inter alia, the entrance of our country to the OECD, the Mercosur-Pacific Alliance treaties, the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) – Mercosur treaties and the Mercosur– European Union treaties, seem to progress on a plane of magnanimous wishes if we consider the current state of Mercosur.
The recent statements by President Maduro in national TV are clear evidence of this situation: “Venezuela will be respected; we hold the presidency of Mercosur and we are going to fully exercise such Powers, people from the Triple Alliance, and I’m calling the people to close ranks with the people of South America to defend the rights of the people of Venezuela… we are waiting for you here, we’re going to face you and we’re going to beat you, but you will not mess with Venezuela”.

La sala del Parlamento Europeo

Turkey has threatened to reintroduce the death penalty thereby jeopardizing its admission to the European Union (EU). Nice becomes the center of investigations due to terrorist attacks. The state of emergency is extended in France until January 2017. Germany suffers a tragic attack to passengers from the self-proclaimed Islamic State. The United Kingdom breaks-up with Europe. Everything points towards a new outbreak of nationalism supported in part by the series of migrations which have taken place during the last years. Furthermore, the economic crisis has opened a tense breach in terms of social tension between the underprivileged sectors and the middle class. It seems like the community institutionality model is not offering the expected results.

European Parliament/Parlamento Europeo

Introduction - After Brexit, what should the EU do?

Notwithstanding the dubious aspects of the referendum itself and its results (exclusion of UK expats, different vote in Scotland and Northern Ireland, polarisation between younger and older people, falsehoods being peddled during the referendum campaign), the decision to leave the EU seems to be irrevocable and impervious to second thoughts. Therefore the European Union should be prepared for a difficult negotiation which is likely to last two years at least. During this time it does not seem advisable to immediately start a Treaty reform, which might well be rejected in some new national referendum. In the next two years, the EU should try to regain the favour of European citizens by promoting a “package” of effective social measures (fighting unemployment, relaunching public investments, taking appropriate measures in favour of young people). This article lists some of these measures which the Commission, as the promoter of the European general interest, should propose as soon as possible.

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