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In this section we collect articles and other contributions in English that we have found around the world and we like – or simply think they might be of interest.


The debate on the German question and European federalism continues: Protesilaos Stavrou responds to Thomas Fazi

by Guido Montani*

In openDemocracy of October 9th, Thomas Fazi critiqued my paper on The German Question and the European Question. Monetary Union and European Democracy after the Greek Crisis (DEM WP Series 105, University of Pavia). He maintains that while European democratic federalism is “possible and desirable”, this “does not make it more likely”.

by Thomas Fazi*

Thomas Fazi replies to Guido Montani’s article’s “The German Question and the European Question: Monetary Union and Democracy after the Greek Crisis”. What do you think? In what direction should we go? What should the strategy be to get out of the morass we are now bogged down in?

Campagna "No Grexit"

by Guido Montani

Abstract – The dramatic clash between creditor and debtor countries in the EU shows that radical reforms are required. In this paper we argue that the EMU is a political project: it is a European public good, which must be provided by a legitimate democratic government. Yet during the crisis, Germany played the role of leading country, and the old dilemma between a German Europe and a European Germany cropped up again. Here we examine two interjurisdictional spillovers caused by asymmetries among the governance and size of the economies in the euro area: the bank-sovereign nexus and the internal deflation trap.

Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the British Labour Party

by Francesca Lacaita

- Open Letter On Europe To Jeremy Corbyn by John Palmer

 'Brexit' and workers' rights – no case for a 'no' by Kirsty Hughes

- What should Corbyn demand of Europe? by Luke Cooper

- Jeremy Corbyn: rebel with a cause, by Max Tholl

Progressive pro-Europeans from the “Continent” are not accustomed to looking to Britain for orientation. Not only because of the more widespread Eurosceptic attitudes there, but also, in particular, because of the traditional lack of interest for things European on the part of the British left. Could the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party (who has recently declared he will campaign for Britain to stay in the EU, and in general reverse David Cameron’s stance on European issues) be sign of new times to come?

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